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the little art gallery

We are only a little gallery in West Wittering – south of Chichester on the way to the sea – but we squeeze in as much as we can. We have something for all tastes and price ranges. From small glass hearts at £3, pewter key rings for £8, glass fish for £15 and £35 through to large paintings for £3,000; seascapes, landscapes, abstract art and printmaking. We are always delighted to hear the surprise expressed by new visitors at the quality and quantity of artwork we have on display.

the little art gallery, West Wittering, looking festive

With the festive season, which is a time for giving, what better gift can you choose than a piece of original art by one of our artists who care deeply about their work. Everything displayed in our gallery is made by hand and nothing is bought in. Although we will be displaying a wide variety of festive gift ideas we still have a display of artwork available for people who want some fabulous art for their home.

Claudi Barratt, doves

If you have something specific in mind, please contact us and we can arrange to have a selection ready for your visit. Many of our artists will be giving us festive gifts to display, cards, calendars, glass, pewter and ceramic tree ornaments, hand painted silk scarves, silver jewellery and enamels. We also give gift vouchers.

You can also find the little art gallery selling a great selection of gift ideas at their pop-up shop in Crane Street, Chichester, read more about that here and visit for more information about the gallery and their artists.

the little art gallery pops up in Chichester – artist and gallery owner Linda Foskett displays some of the gallery’s festive wares in their pop-up gallery in Crane Street.

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