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The Capitol Jazzing Up Friday Nights In Horsham!

The Capitol theatre is celebrating the 85th Anniversary of the venue with the launch of Horsham Arts Club.

HAC is a new initiative and line-up of contemporary and jazz music concerts that reflect the best from the UK’s thriving music industry in Horsham. The first of these nights showcases ‘W3’, the resident funk house band of Ronnie Scott’s world famous jazz club on Friday 8th October.

ingénu/e spoke with musician Chris Wintermeyer, organiser of HAC, about the club, jazz and his life as a professional musician. Chris was born and raised in a house that had music on all the time. He tells us:

“My mum was a classically trained singer and played piano. All my siblings were learning to play instruments, and whilst my Dad was not a musician, he loved rock music. Artists such as Genesis, Status Quo, Queen and Supertramp would be blaring out of his hi-fi. Music was a constant.
My Nan was one of my biggest musical influencers she was a previously a professional dancer who worked with Morecambe & Wise and Frank Sinatra. She introduced me to swing big band music, such as Glen Miller.

Chris Wintermeyer

Alongside that, the trumpet grabbed my attention from an early age, apparently I’d be docile at concerts until the trumpets came in. So it’s probably not so much that jazz was a passion, more music, performing, people and trumpet in general.”

And what about your career overall? Has it always been jazz? 

“I guess with my career I’ve never single-tracked myself down the jazz path per se. In fact I would go as far as to say it’s near impossible to do that if you want to make a career out of music. Being a musician, even in the jazz world, means opening yourself to so many different types of music, genres, people and cultures.

It’s definitely been true in my own career. Coming out of university I landed my first pop gig with Rizzle Kicks. Working closely with the guys introduced me to their love of hip hop, and I learnt and fell in love with the music the more I was surrounded by both it and their passion for it.”

And why start the club in Horsham? 

“I moved to Horsham in 2016, HAC was an idea that came to me pre-covid, essentially to bring the best of the London music scene down to regular nights in Horsham. Bringing in the circles of musicians and artists I have the privilege of working with. Unfortunately covid hit and it was put on hold until now.

With the prospect of the UK returning to some sort of normality it’s an exciting time. There’s a lot of pent up creativity, music and arts that has been bubbling away, kept under a lockdown lid. HAC will hopefully be a tool with which to bring new music, virtuoso artists and incredible performances to the people of Horsham.”

Why the name ‘Horsham Arts Club’ as opposed to ‘Horsham Jazz club’? 

“I chose the name to represent all genres of music, not just jazz. In the future we hope to put on shows from a variety of bands and artists. Safe to say, it’s an incredibly exciting time as the world opens up and we can’t wait to get our programme together for next year. We’re looking at doing shows quarterly next year, with a potential date before the end of this year. The ultimate aim is to have monthly shows at the Capitol theatre, and establish Horsham as a cultural music hub of the UK.”

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