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Capturing essences and echoes and getting paint in her hair
Sussex artist Gill Bustamante to feature on BBC this summer

Based in East Sussex, professional artist Gill Bustamante creates large semi-abstract landscape and wildlife paintings in oil on canvas.

Gill’s painting style is very distinct and often fuses art-nouveau, expressionist and semi-abstract techniques with traditional portraiture that reflect her love of nature and the landscapes around her.

Gill Bustamante, Summer on the Downs

Her main working method has been the development of a painting style she terms ‘memory impressionism’. This involves going walking somewhere, looking at and absorbing the things she sees and experiences, and then returning home to try and capture an essence of the place from memory. By this method she captures essences and echoes of places and the feelings she has about them. She loves the ancient landscapes of England and her paintings often reflect the magical elements that such landscapes have.

A self-representing artist, Gill sells her art mostly online. She does, however, take part in the occasional exhibition – she was to show her work as part of Brighton Open Houses alongside Brighton Festival in May 2020, but this has been postponed until later in the year.

Gill Bustamante, Enchanted

Gill’s claim to fame is that when doing her fine art degree in Brighton in the early 80’s, the British sculptor Anthony Gormley was her tutor. She says he was a nice man but gave up on her as she was not terribly ‘conceptual’. She just liked making art for the sake of it and getting paint in her hair. Gill’s other claim to fame is a Blue Peter badge she won in 1972 for painting a mermaid.

This summer (dates to be confirmed) Gill will be appearing in the BBC series ‘Home is Where the Art Is’, Season 2, due to start airing in June. Each of the fifteen episodes sees three different UK based artists competing to win a commission from home owners who would like a bespoke piece of art for their home. Gill cannot say any more about the results as it would spoil the surprise but she thoroughly enjoyed the filming days and the visit by the BBC to her home to film her at work. She was delighted to meet presenter Nick Knowles and managed to get a quick photo with him – ostensibly to show to her mum but in reality so she had some evidence she was taking part as she cannot say more until the programme has been aired!

Gill Bustamante, Portent

Gill is also an art tutor, which she is currently doing by video link.

Go to for more information or to arrange a visit to see Gill’s art at her home (Forest Row, East Sussex). You can also see more of Gill’s work on or

Gill Bustamante, Horse Metamorphosis

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