Strictly Inspirational by Camilla Sacre-Dallerup



Strictly Inspirational

by Camilla Sacre-Dallerup

Have you ever had your heart broken? Do you have moments when you wonder ‘is it all worth it?’ Does your life lack inspiration? Perhaps you are simply an avid fan of Strictly Come Dancing, the BBC’s hugely popular Saturday night primetime show? Or do you just like reading about interesting peoples’ lives? If you can answer ‘yes’ to any one of those questions, then this book is for you.

We met Camilla at the press launch of Worthing Theatre’s Cinderella, where Camilla was starring as the Fairy Godmother. During our chat we discovered she had written her first book, ‘Strictly Inspirational’, and that led into discussing her unfolding career as an actress and as a life coach, just two of many interesting avenues fate seems to have made a habit of opening up for her.

Since leaving Strictly in 2008, after winning the show partnered with Holby City actor Tom Chambers, Camilla toured with Calendar Girls playing Elaine (Miss May) opposite her husband, Kevin Sacre and has been busy carving out a career as an actress, TV personality, life coach and author, while also keeping her hand in as a dancer.

‘Strictly Inspirational’ is a book to be read on at least two levels. First, it is a fascinating account of her life from childhood to adulthood, the ups and downs of chasing her dancing dreams, her personal take on her break-up with dance partner and fiancé Brendan Cole and finally reaching her dancing goals and also finding her ‘Prince Charming’. This aspect of the book is worth the read in itself, a well written and honest autobiography.

However, there is another layer, as Camilla has added into the book, at relevant intervals, her successful use of therapies, philosophies and techniques coupled with how the reader could employ some of these if they wished to. These sections left me with the impression she had thrown the spiritual kitchen sink at her life, studying and working hard to learn to master any personal weaknesses or overcome any losses in life and also to be able to help others. In these sections she speaks about what techniques she has found useful, how to apply them oneself and invariably includes an enlightening quote from someone. And what a fantastic array of sources she seems to have examined, people as diverse as Richard Branson, Paul McKenna, the Dalai Lama and many others.

The book left me with an uplifting feeling; Camilla’s enthusiasm and drive seems to sort of ooze out of the pages into one’s soul. What she has achieved so far in her life with hard work, dedication and study is admirable and ‘Strictly Inspirational’ is not only a fascinating autobiography in its own right, it is also an inspirational book about achieving one’s goals no matter what the obstacles and finding that real happiness that can only come from within. It’s an unconventional way to write a book about oneself, but reading ‘Strictly Inspirational’ one quickly realises that it is mirroring Camilla’s own personality; you will discover she is anything but conventional!

The book is available on Amazon, from the publishers at or visit her website, to find out more about the book and Camilla’s Life Coaching.

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