Poetry Corner – The Werewolf & the Maiden, Sven Stears


The Werewolf and the Maiden

You tied a hemlock brace
around my waist,
in answer to my crimes,

A painting without pupils,
An inhuman evil,
lurks behind the eyes.

We sat and prayed
for old time’s sake,
A life of simpler wealth.
An angel without wings,
We supped the blood of kings,
And drank to all our health.

A time long past,
before dies were cast,
when we both knew our part.
I forgive what you do,
I love you through and through,
As silver enters my heart.

As I feel cold floor,
you remove your sword,
Life flashes before mind,

And as my credits roll,
I know I’ve paid the toll,
for two souls intertwined.

by Sven Stears

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