New Art Gallery, Eastbourne



an exhbition of land and seascapes by Leila Godden
19th February to 3rd April

Sussex-based Leila Godden is a contemporary painter specialising in seascapes and abstract paintings using acrylics.

Her seascapes explore the vast panorama of changing light, dramatic weather and powerful water, framed by rocks solid with history, yet transient with time and the rhythm of the earth. Brought up on the coast, this environment has a deep resonance within her.

Leila Godden, Coastal Reflections

In response to the events of 2020 her work became more gestural and abstract, reflecting time spent at home in her garden. She abandoned a limited palette, creating paintings imbued with the vibrancy inspired by sunlight on petals. Moments of simple joy in an uncertain world are translated into shapes and gestural marks which have been allowed to form and settle. This new experimentation is producing nuanced pieces in which elements are pared back, inviting space into the composition.

Leila Godden, Red Petals 2

Her paintings are intended to evoke a visceral response in you, the viewer, something deeper than just ‘seeing’. Perhaps it taps into a memory or feeling personal to you. Beyond words but sensed and understood.

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