Love’s In A Blue Moon by Steve Cook

Pete Gilbert; Watercopse Inclosure, New Forest

Pete Gilbert; Watercopse Inclosure, New Forest

Love’s In A Blue Moon

It seems you just left every room that I enter
Your voice the last whisper where echoes expire,
Like the desolate sag of summer’s last embers
Where the cold of the winter seeps into the fire.

You’re the shrug of lost shoulders on the edge of my vision,
The flicker of shadow on the face of the sun,
The space left behind where something was stolen,
The sentence still-born on the tip of my tongue.

The mistakes we all make are never forgiven
By a world that is rigged to encourage their making,
To mimic its cruelty it seems we are driven
Or enticed by temptations there for the taking.

We live out our lives in quiet desperation,
Dreaming up gods to turn to or blame;
Endlessly seeking brief confirmations
That something or someone was worth all the pain.

But whenever we see them, our glimpses are fleeting,
Truths that we clung to turn out to be spin;
We come on frantic when we think they are slipping
And their voices are snatched away by the wind.

We’re motes in the void in briefest collision,
Coincidences reckoned at billions to one;
Love’s in a Blue Moon or one in a million,
A kiss left in passing and swiftly undone.

by Steve Cook

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Walk the Kingdom – Counting down to the big day!

Starting in May from his home town of East Grinstead, Steve Cook will walk the entire coastline of mainland Britain – a distance of over 4000 miles that will take him nine months or more to complete.

The purpose of this mega-hike is to raise funds and awareness for drug education crusader, Peter Dwan’s, campaign to bring effective drug education to every child in the country. Peter has given his superb drug education talk to well over 60,000 children in the UK, Ireland and New Zealand so as to arm them with enough knowledge about drugs to make the right choices not to do drugs. Steve wants to help him ensure that NO child in the country misses out on this vital education.

Armed only with a backpack and a tablet for daily podcasts, Steve will be travelling light.

“I’ve set myself a daunting task but it is a measure of how valuable I consider Peter’s work to be,” says Steve. “I will be seeking thereby to engage the whole UK as a community – parents, teachers, children and anyone who cares about the wellbeing of our country and its citizens – in a shoulder-to-shoulder effort to ensure our children live well and drug free.”

He would really welcome and appreciate your encouragement and support.

Please go to to find out more about Steve’s walk and Peter’s priceless work.

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