Lorraine Heaysman – Photography Workshops


Lorraine Heaysman – Photography Workshops

Lorraine grew up in Weymouth, Dorset, and spent many happy hours strolling with her grandfather along Weymouth beach. She believes this is where her love of for being out in nature began. When she took her first photo-graphy course she used a borrowed Brownie camera and also spent time in the dark room. She would have loved to be a painter but lacked the patience required and so she turned to cameras to capture the moment and the beauty she saw in the landscape.

She moved to Worthing in 1994 and is now an experienced photographer, sharing her knowledge and insights into her craft.

What prompted you to start your workshops?

For the last 3 years I have been taking people out who have contacted me through my Facebook page saying they would love to take pictures the way I do. I would make my own pictures at the same time and show them a few tips, not really heavy on the teaching side of things. It was a real pleasure to show them tips, I even took one as far as Dorset to show her the sights. Two of these people have become good friends. When I first started out I really struggled with self-esteem and confidence and would often hide away going to places where I knew no one else would be, early morning starts in the summer are good – not many people out and about at 3am or 4am! I found workshops to be too expensive and out of my reach so in the main I am self-taught. I wanted to start something up that would be accessible and a gradual learning process for beginners, hopefully giving budding photographers skills that took me years to learn all at an affordable cost.

What do you enjoy about teaching?

I love to share. I remember only too well how difficult it was when I first started out to understand the relationship between the shutter speed, aperture and ISO (known as the exposure triangle). Once you have a good understanding of this then your photography really takes off on the creative side.

What is your favourite part of the workshop process?

I get real pleasure in seeing the light switch on in a person’s eyes! The moment when they get it and the possibilities lay out before them. Taking people to gorgeous locations in Sussex is also a favourite thing to do, it’s good for the soul, mindfulness… I would also like to point out that on my workshops I will not be making my own images – it is all about teaching others (some workshop leaders make their own pictures when on workshops).


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