Karin Moorhouse, artist & tutor


Karin Moorhouse, artist & tutor

As a long-time keen walker, I am inspired by my beautiful Sussex and beyond, painting landscapes en plein air. I then use these small free oil paintings and sketches as my starting points and reference and I ‘walk into’ them in my studio where I look again from different aspects, developing my work both in abstract terms and in the finer detail.

For my workshops based at The Victoria Institute, Arundel, I will be following this method as often as the weather allows. Each day’s painting is a stand-alone event but at the end of each block of plein air or still life days we will work in the large light room at the Vic and look again at these alla prima canvases. In this way we will build up a capsule collection of landscape and still life paintings and sketches.

Karin Moorhouse, Still Life

I have been teaching and running art workshops for many years, some of which have been formal courses such as Pre Degree Foundation, Degree and Diploma level in art and design. I have also worked with special needs art groups in Surrey and Sussex and with Montessori pre-school children. I am very keen that the process is as important as the product and that each painter works at their own pace. My teaching method encourages this, which means that my workshops are open to all levels of experience and confidence.




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