Embodied Vistas at GalleryMuse

Thursday 11th September to Friday 3rd October, Thurs-Sat 10.30-5.30
Artist talk Wilson-Eflerová Sat 27th Sept

Wilson-Eflerová’s new work re-interprets Deptford Creekside, to offer audiences a unique embodied experience.

In the gallery we show Wilson-Eflerová’s film edited into two different immersive video installations. The fluidity of the creek mirrors the ever-changing nature of Wilson-Eflerová’s collaborative practice.

The artists will host a workshop for adults with learning disabilities to create their own artistic endeavours, inspired by Wilson-Eflerová’s artwork, showcased at APT Gallery (Deptford) and GalleryMuse (Petersfield). Promoting equality, encouraging learning and direct community engagement, Wilson-Eflerová’s video installations and live performances created during workshops become part of the exhibition itself.

Embodied Vistas uses time-based mediums (performance, video and installation), adopting an interdisciplinary approach. In recontextualising the creek’s history and its present role, they offer an embodied experience, one that could resonate anywhere else, blurring the distinctions between place, one self and other.

GalleryMuse is delighted to support the exhibition of this project, funded by the National Lottery through Arts Council England.

GalleryMuse, 16 Chapel Street, Petersfield GU32 3DS
07702 183858

Embodied Vistas - Wilson-Eflerová

Embodied Vistas – Wilson-Eflerová

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