Coast Café des Artistes, Worthing


Coast Café des Artistes, a little piece of heaven on the south coast

It’s always nice to hear from readers that they have responded to an advert or article in the magazine and been pleasantly surprised by what they found.

Just recently we heard from a reader in Horsham who had become so enamoured by Coast Café after seeing it in the magazine and then visiting, that he now frequents the café regularly on his business trips to Worthing and has also taken his family there a number of times.

Situated at Worthing’s East Beach it is a pretty unique place, and now that it has been generously extended, its individuality is even more evident. The work has taken quite a while to complete but it has been well worth it. The café hasn’t lost its slightly bohemian feel, but is now much larger and includes a new seating area at the rear to complement the outside seating on the decking at the front. How the staff coped before is a miracle as the space was fairly small, but they always seemed to serve up delicious food with a smile on their faces. Hopefully, it’s a trifle easier on them now.

We consider it’s the perfect venue to relax with a coffee or beer – or if it’s chilly a rum hot chocolate, have a meal, take a business meeting or see local musicians perform. Being next to the beach, if the weather is decent you can sit out front and gaze at the sea, or choose the new area at the rear next to the sand courts. Plus there’s the roof terrace from which, on good days, you can see for miles.

And, of course, there is the added aesthetic of the East Beach Artists, their beach hut studios and the café joined at the hip. We have the experience of visiting many, many cafés on our magazine travels throughout Sussex and West Kent, and without wishing to romanticise the experience or become too grandiloquent, the café is a Nirvana of pit stops to souls like us. With the sea and beach ever present, the laid back atmosphere, hearty food and great coffee all next door to a crew of artists,* it’s a little piece of heaven on the south coast.

*Is there a collective noun to describe a group of artists? I mean like a murder of crows, a charm of goldfinches or a coalition of cheetahs. If not, someone should invent one! How about a throng? Horde? Caboodle? Galaxy? Agglomeration? Pool? Ring? Crew? Conviviality?  Answers on a postcard please.

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