Cathy Bird, artist


Cathy Bird, artist 

A portrait can be much more
Than just a face…
A memory, a mood, a time,
A place…

It all started with a painting of two young children, running away down the field. Their mother could see them so perfectly in those back views. Since then, I’ve found that people enjoy portraits that are different. That celebrate a particular place or activity.

Cathy Bird, brother & sister

The children on the swing were moving house so that was quite poignant. The tiny toddler with Daddy was the first of four little paintings that have charted walks in France, among bluebells as she has grown. I am sure more will follow. A portrait is such a unique and personal gift, always treasured, perfect for Christmas, of course.

Cathy Bird, children on a swing

Cathy Bird, toddler with daddy

Don’t hesitate to email me for a chat, if you’d like to discuss an idea. I’m on and now is the perfect time to plan!

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