Cathie Hubert inspired by Jonas Kauffman


Mon âme a reconnu votre âme

Cathie Hubert’s book celebrating the remarkable voice of Jonas Kauffman

If you love opera, and if you love art, and if you love books… you will love this book.

Entitled “Mon âme a reconnu votre âme” this small gem is the work of Sussex-based French artist, gallery owner and opera lover Cathie Hubert.

Written entirely in French and inspired by the towering voice of broodingly handsome operatic tenor Jonas Kaufmann, it is a collection of poetry and paintings by Cathie. Each poem, no more than four or six lines long, is accompanied by a painting. Each painting is a portrait of Kaufmann, sensitively executed in watercolour with an evocative looseness of brushstroke. Each poem and painting ‘duet’ is a direct response to Kaufmann’s performance of a particular character, aria or song, with, in the paintings, a combination of strength and delicacy that reflects the remarkable emotional range of his voice.

Beautifully produced, this book is a testament to passion: passion for music, passion for words, passion for art… it is also a love letter to one of the greatest tenors of our time.

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