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The Granville Legacy – a family saga – by Patricia M Osborne; If You Loved Me by Jennifer Pulling; and Julia’s Baby by Natasha Murray

These three books have in common the internal struggles of their protagonists, albeit set against very different landscapes. Patricia M Osborne’s The Granville Legacy – a family saga – is the third and final book in her trilogy about a family divided by fate and ambition but doggedly following their dreams. Jennifer Pulling’s If You Loved Me immerses the reader in the romance of Italy as the main character travels to Rome to discover long-hidden family secrets and, on the way, finds herself. Julia’s Baby is the second book in Natasha Murray’s Waterfall Way series and sees the eponymous heroine fleeing for her life to find sanctuary in Ireland.

The Granville Legacy

 by Patricia M Osborne

George Gilmore, son of a coalminer, assumes the role intended for him by his maternal grandfather, Lord Granville of Granville Hall. 

But this is no sudden transition, for George has been heading towards the title ever since his grandmother wrested him from the warmth of his family home under false pretences when he was just a boy, much to the anguish of his recently widowed mother.

His new title, however, does not sit easily on George’s slim shoulders. Creative and sensitive by nature, he lacks the ruthless streak for which his grandfather was renowned. So when an old adversary re-appears unexpectedly and his family is under threat will he have the necessary grit and determination to protect them?

The third and final book in the House of Grace trilogy, The Granville Legacy follows the fortunes of the Gilmores and the Granvilles through the 1980s, charting the success of Grace Gilmore’s fashion design empire and George’s burgeoning career as an architect.

But the uneasy truce between George and his mother, Grace, whom he’d always believed had abandoned him all those years ago, is put to the test as external pressures threaten to unravel their patched-up relationship. Sibling rivalry rears its ugly head as it had done a generation before, and George’s sister Alice reveals painful secrets both past and present.

Romance blossoms, old friends are revisited and new ones introduced as the family strives to overcome tragedy and rebuild their lives. Above all this is a story of the power of friendship, the importance of following your dream – despite all invitations otherwise – and the value of family.

The Granville Legacy is available from where you can also find out more information about the author.


If You Loved Me

a story of love, loss and a cat called Leonardo

by Jennifer Pulling

When Amy Armstrong arrived in Rome to deal with an unexpected and mysterious inheritance, she did not anticipate the affect it would have on her life.

Guided by stylishly elegant Paulo, an old family friend, Amy sampled the hidden delights of Rome and before long she had thrown off the shackles of her ordinary middle-class existence and embraced the opportunities of this vibrant and romantic city.

Then two chance encounters changed the course of events. A large grey cat with amber eyes drew her inexplicably to the square Largo di Torre Argentina, where, among the Roman ruins, she came across a cat sanctuary. Having no previous experience with cats she was surprised to find a natural affinity with them and before she knew it she had agreed to help out. Then there was Davide. Handsome and enigmatic, he came to her rescue as she was threatened by a potential mugger then vanished into the bustling crowds – but not before she had instinctively felt some kind of connection. Her attention was captured. Would they meet again?

Backtrack to 1967 and Amy’s mother Caroline arrived in Rome after two years travelling. There she met Marco, who offered to show her the real Rome and ended up giving her his heart. But could this girl with the heart of a hippy abandon her wanderlust lifestyle and settle down to Italian family life? Or would heartbreak be her destiny?

Amy, who knew nothing of her mother’s past, was intrigued but unsatisfied with the few grains of information she had gleaned from Paulo and was determined to discover all. Little did she know that she would stumble upon the truth thanks to a cat.

Written with a lightness of touch, this engaging story weaves back and forth between Amy and Caroline and their respective and sometimes parallel Roman journeys. The other characters central to the plot are well fleshed out and believable. Among these is Rome herself, described with the assurance and familiarity of one who knows and loves the city, its customs and its people. After reading this book you will want to visit.

If You Loved Me is available on Amazon. For more infomation about the author and her other work go to

Julia’s Baby

by Natasha Murray

Is it possible to start a new life in a different country when all the time you’re looking over your shoulder?

This is the situation that Jules Bridgewater and Seth Hearn found themselves in when they fled their West Sussex home in search of sanctuary from the unwanted attentions of both the police and Seth’s murderous mother. Arriving in Ireland, penniless and desperate, they sought the protection of Seth’s old employer, May, hoping she would offer them work at her riding stable and a roof over their heads.

Gradually they settled in, working and honing their talent and building their reputation as a duo busking in the busy streets of Cork, leaving the horrific events of the previous months behind them. Or so they thought. Will they be able to re-build their lives? Or will the threat to their safety prove too great and further losses ensue?

The sequel to 58 Farm End and the second book in The Waterfall Way series, Julia’s Baby follows the continuing struggle of the two protagonists as they adjust to circumstances forced upon them. Seth rekindles old friendships and Jules embraces new ones with warmth and gratitude. She is physically fragile and is sad to leave her precious horse Connor and dear old pony Barney behind in West Sussex, but needs must. And Seth’s obvious delight at the prospect of being reunited with his beloved Irish cob Moss compensated for her own loss.

Although adjusting valiantly, Jules’ mettle is tested to the limit by an older man’s lascivious overtures and the feared return of an old adversary. But the close ties of love and friendship prevail. More surprises bring the story to a head and the denouement delivers further shocks. The final chapter holds reconciliation however, and the promise of more adventure to come.

Murder, incest and betrayal are the driving forces of the plot but love, horses and music are at the heart of this story and prove to be its redeeming factors.

Julia’s Baby is available on Amazon. For more about the author go to Facebook @NatashaMurray3004.

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