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Here Casts No Shadow by Bronwen Griffiths

When her town falls under the grip of a ruthless dictator, fifteen-year-old Mira and her family are forced to flee their home country of Lyrian. From a refugee camp across the border …read more


Shadow of A Doubt by Florence Watson

If you like dystopian sci-fi you’ll like this; if you like murder mysteries you’ll like this; if you’re into conspiracy theories you’ll like this; but above all if you enjoy a good yarn you’ll like this …read more

Clara – A Good Psychopath? by Anne E. Thompson

Coldly calculating and remorseless, Clara Oakes has always been a bad’un. In a story that spans three continents we follow Clara from difficult child to destructive adult. But …read more

Sacred Love Poems and Sacred Nature Poems by Colin Willcox

There is something essentially comforting about Colin Willcox’s beautiful poems. They occupy a transcendental place of safety that is hard to leave … read more

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