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BlockheadBold, ballsy, and undeniably brilliant, the Blockheads return to rock Ropetackle

Ropetackle spokesman Mark Phillips said: ‘the Blockheads are quite simply an institution; revered as both musicians and charismatic creatures of the stage, they secured their status as icons alongside the legendary late lyrical genius Ian Dury. Emerging from the flames of the late 70s punk revolution, the Blockheads, alongside Dury, wasted no time in setting a new standard in what would become the hugely influential New Wave sound. But the Blockheads were always more than that, flirting outrageously with other musical genres and creative avenues, exemplified not least in their huge number one funk anthem ‘Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick’. With Dury’s lyrics in tune with everyday, British working-class life, the Blockheads’ songs show their strength in crossing generations, with increasing relevance. And with their previous sell-out appearances at Ropetackle, you can be sure this is not just another live music show, but a truly inspirational experience of a band that lives for their music, lives for their audiences, believes in their lyrics, and will give all and everything in between to rock the Ropetackle like never before.’

‘Ian Dury owed his brilliance to no one. But he owed his stardom to The Blockheads’ ~ The Word

Blockheads photo shoot 02 February 2009   Rarely off the road since the death of Ian Dury in 2000, there’s no doubting that the most lovable, cocky, funny, schoolboy-rude, and artful characters from the punk generation are The Blockheads.

Dury’s lyrics were a unique combination of poetry, word play, earthy humour, and deadly-accurate observations of everyday, British working-class life and Derek Hussey’s ruminations in the band’s new songs keep those themes with an added bite for the 21st century. Hussey is known to the band’s followers as Dury’s best friend and minder.

Combined with the Blockheads’ jazz, rock’n’roll, funk, and reggae steamroller sound Dury’s (and now Hussey’s) verbals have created a sound that’s hard to pigeon-hole and has become its own genre.

An album of new material in 2009, Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll (the recent biopic of their erstwhile front man and lyricist Ian Dury) and the musical Reasons To be Cheerful has seen a resurgence in the band’s popularity. Along with some new material you can expect to hear Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick, Wake Up & Make Love With Me, Reasons To Be Cheerful Part 3, What A Waste, Clever Trever, and Sweet Gene Vincent.


Please note, this is an all standing event.

Friday 3rd May, Starts 8pm, Tickets: £17
Ropetackle Arts Centre, Little High Street, Shoreham, West Sussex, BN43 5EG 
Box Office: 01273 464440



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