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owl - Natalie Oman_loCollaborative Exhibition at the Art House Gallery & Café, Southampton

Artists Natalie Oman & Ashley Fielder are exhibiting at Southampton’s Art House through November. Situated in Above Bar Street opposite East Park, The Art House, with its very aesthetic café and gallery, has a relaxed and bohemian ambience.

The exhibition is a collaboration between Natalie and her partner Ashley. They decided to do a joint exhibition at The Art House because they are both involved with the place and they met there, which led to them supporting each other as artists. The exhibition features individual work by each of the artists but also pieces they have worked on together.

They have also been working on 6 pieces based on the Indian epic ‘Ramayana’. They chose this subject because the Ramayana can be interpreted on various levels and as both are very different artists they found that they could reconcile their differences through this one story.

Ashley’s artistic interest started as a child watching animation (especially Transformers). He studied animation at Solent University and discovered comic books, which helped to further develop his style of art. A part time freelance artist and also a digital artist, his main inspirations come from geek culture and he runs a monthly comic book club for others in Southampton who share a love of comic book art and culture.

Strawberry Austen, Natalie Oman

Strawberry Austen by Natalie Oman

Natalie was born and brought up in Kenya and Mauritius, she was encouraged from a young age to be creative and took to painting early on. She is a self-taught traditional artist, her art is untrained but she has developed her own style of expression inspired by such artists as Paul Gauguin, Frida Kahlo and Marc Chagall. Her art reflects her passion for colour and the exotic, a natural consequence of the influence of the countries she used to call home. She works part time at The Art House Café and this is her third exhibition.

The café is the heart of The Art House, providing a place to meet and enjoy delicious food and drink, so take time out from the ordinary to see Natalie and Ashley’s work, and at the same time enjoy a refreshing cuppa and some mouthwateringly tasty food.

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Kiskindha Kanda by Ashley Fielder

Kiskindha Kanda by Ashley Fielder














Dragon by Ashley Fielder

Dragon by Ashley Fielder

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