Art Ache gallery at Rachael’s Kitchen


Horsham’s best kept ‘secret’…

the Art Ache gallery at Rachael’s Kitchen

We discovered Sally Bushnell’s Art Ache Gallery while distributing the magazine in Horsham. Situated on the 2nd floor at Rachael’s Kitchen in Carfax one can savour a toasted sandwich, a panini or one of Rachael’s fabulous cupcakes while soaking up the creative atmosphere of the gallery on the second floor, or the folk art from local artists and books from independent local authors on the 1st floor. “Food for the body and soul,” as Sally says.


In the gallery the exhibiting artist changes every month, always starting with an Open Day for the artist. When we visited, Jane Salter’s work was on display and from late February through to late March Kezia Noel-Paton was exhibiting. Late March through April sees Aylin Dengizer Sharp’s paintings, of which Aylin says “I am very interested in the effects of light and many of my paintings have strong lights and darks or are painted ‘against the light’.”

Aylin Dengizer Sharp, Dance movement series 6

Aylin Dengizer Sharp, Dance movement series 6

Sally started the gallery in Havant, which was open for six years, but relocated in 2014 to Horsham. She herself paints, but for herself in her home. She tells us she loves the smell of paint and brushes and that you have to love the art you are selling.

Why the name, we asked? “The Art Ache name is how I see art and artists. People think art is relaxing, wonderful and therapeutic, but many great artists had major issues, were mainly tortured souls and not business minded at all. Very few can combine their creativity with the business side.”

“I knew nothing when I started out,” says Sally of her orignal gallery venture, “but learned very quickly. Artists flocked in and at the first private view I made all my mistakes. They then became very successful, with work selling regularly. For instance, I sold eight of Jane Salter’s paintings in five days.”

photo 2

Visit for more information on the gallery.
Artists wanting to exhibit need to make an appointment with Sally and present a good portfolio.
To contact Sally email her at

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