the little art gallery…


the little art gallery…

At the little art gallery we are continuing to do all we can to support local artists. 2020 was a challenging year but we are delighted that, although we spent a large part of the year closed due to lockdown, we feel we have become a ‘go-to’ place for all the people with new homes or recently decorated houses as well as those just looking for a new artwork or a unique gift.

Richard Whincop, ‘Beech Trees West Dean Estate’

We also feel as we have been open now for over three years we have passed a milestone and people are starting to know where we are and that it’s worth a trip to West Wittering to find what we have to offer. To support as many artists as possible our new way of displaying much more work by many artists and cramming rather a lot in to our small space seems to have worked giving something for all tastes and budgets.

at top: Rebecca Borthwick, ‘Into the Blue’, textile; beneath that: Wendy Farley, ceramic sculpture

We will most likely return to a more streamlined approach in the summer when hopefully life begins to return to normal. Meanwhile if anyone needs a specific artist, style, size or colour scheme we hopefully have something to suit nearly every taste and budget.

Claudi Barratt, Raku Koru

For more details about the gallery, the artists and their work visit
pictured at top: Paddy Martin, ‘Classic off Kynance’ (detail) acrylic on recycled sailcloth

Linda Foskett, ‘End of a Lovely Day’, oils

Paddy Martin, ‘Black and Blue Paddling – Laura Myr’ acrylic on recycled sailcloth

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