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Eduardo Niebla_Harry Dutton 1_loThe Eduardo Niebla Experience; Ritz Studio, Connaught Theatre Worthing, winter 2013

ingénu/e magazine went along to the Ritz studio at the Connaught Theatre to catch some exciting flamenco jazz guitar from the inventive improviser and creative composer, Eduardo Niebla.

Accompanied by the talented Carl Herring on guitar and Dharmesh Parmar on Indian tabla, Eduardo served up an evening of cross cultural improvisations where flamenco rhythms were dominant, but heavy shades of gypsy jazz coupled with lighter shades of Indian and Arabic influences threaded in and out of Eduardo’s mesmerising compositions.

Eduardo was born in Morocco, brought up in Spain and moved to the UK in 1978 and now lives in North Yorkshire. Speaking with him however it becomes apparent his accent has not been coloured by living in Yorkshire for over fourteen years. Over these years he has collaborated with many different artists as diverse as the Dante String Quartet and George Michael, as well as composing for films, documentaries and plays.

The evening’s performance was a dynamic tour de force of guitar playing to which his accompanists added the background colour and rhythms in equally impressive style. Speaking with his guitarist Carl Herring, himself a prolific and talented musician who is also a member of the Tetra Guitar Quartet, I was curious how, during the improvising, each performer knew what was going to happen next, and how they managed to all arrive at the same time to change or end complex rhythms. Carl explained the technique which originates in jazz, where the lead player will return to a particular musical phrase and the others then have their prompt to return to a previously rehearsed section of the piece. Although this explained quite a bit, it still seemed amazing that three performers could be so ‘in sync’ while improvising. An extraordinary and fascinating evening!

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