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Poetry of Decay online course

How often do you take photographs of peeling paint, lichen, rusting metal, weathered rock surfaces and neglected buildings? But then what? 

Christine Chester of Studio 11, has developed an online course based on her popular studio workshop, to explore how to interpret those beautiful marks on paper, working with a range of different media and tools to create rich and textured surfaces.

Poetry of Decay workshop benches showing work in progress

This is both an introduction to mixed media and a sketchbook course particularly suitable for those people who like to play with processes and materials. A series of small paper-based studies will enable you to layer experiments and materials quickly, creating an understanding of your media.

The way this course is organised is the same as Christine’s other longer online courses. The course begins on a given date (01/05/21 for the next run of Poetry of Decay) and she likes to limit the numbers participating so that regular Zoom tutorials can take place to allow for questions, sharing and tutorial advice. These happen fortnightly to coincide with the videos which are sent out in a particular order. There is also a closed FaceBook group for those who like to engage with social media.

A progression of one card through various layers

Christine has several other online courses on her studio website page (scroll down as the courses are organised chronologically) including a quilt making course and another mixed media course on Paper Lamination.

For further info visit

Christine Chester in the studio

pictured at top: A set of cards and photos put together in a concertina booklet form

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