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Hello once again dear readers, and welcome to the Spring 2016 issue of ingénu/e.


I’ve taken a leaf out of Roger’s book and am starting with a rant! What is it with the new trend we have of naming storms? The US had Hurricane Katrina, a force of nature that wreaked havoc and devastation across vast swathes of the American south, while we have Storm Katy, which blew over a few bins and littered the road with broken twigs. I can understand El Nino, a periodic climate event that alters the balance of nature and whose influence can be felt on a global scale deserves to be given a name, but Storm Katy – really? Are we so desperate to ape our American cousins that we go to such lengths? What’s next, Wintery Shower Gilbert? Jack Frost… oh, wait…

Meteorological events have long provided a rich vein of material for artists, writers and composers. In the aforementioned Storm Katy, Sussex-based photographer Lorraine Heaysman courageously donned her metaphorical hard hat and went out amongst the weather with her camera. The results are eagerly awaited at ingénue HQ!

The vernal equinox is behind us and as the year unfolds and the landscape in this beautiful corner of England pulls on its sap-green mantle, artists of all persuasions, like so many dormant plants, are emerging from winter with vibrant fecundity. With a new crop of art trails, open studios events and festivals, this creativity can be experienced by us all. In fact, I would go so far as to say we must all experience it – artists enrich the culture and should be supported and nurtured. Art and music are necessary on so many levels, enhancing our lives, or even just making sense of them. Whether it’s a piece of music that gets your foot tapping or gives you goosebumps, a story or poem that transports you to another world or makes you chuckle, or a painting or sculpture that evokes a memory of time or place, art enriches our lives and without it our society is truly impoverished. As a coast-dweller, here’s a piece of art that I found both evocative and chucklesome! There’s just so much to experience – so go fill yer boots!

Gill Kaye, editor

Marion Brandis, Two Brighton Gulls

Marion Brandis, Two Brighton Gulls

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