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With the optimism that comes with the easing of lockdown, screens4printing, which has kept trading throughout the pandemic, is looking forward to providing artists, along with new and returning business owners, with affordable screens for all their creative and business needs.

Soft Frame Screen

Screens4printing ‘does what it says on the tin’, providing lightweight manageable screens and squeegees in a range of screen sizes from mini (printable area 6cm x 10cm) which is so suitable for logos, to the large screen with its printable area of 23.5cm x 35cm. You send in a design – logo/T-shirt image – or anything that you want to print over and over again. Screens4printing will turn that design into a screen that is easily used, stored and maintained.

Screenprinting materials

The thermal technology that produces the images can print very fine detail and can even reproduce photo images, something that only photo emulsion silk screens could do before. Screens4printing though, does this at a fraction of the cost.

If you don’t have your own design and want to make cards or print for fun on to fabric/ceramic/glass/cakes, then you can buy from the hundred-plus stock designs that screens4printing have created. From fish to fowl, flower to feather, along with the ever popular geometric and texture designs, screens4printing have something for everyone!

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