Neeta Pedersen, artist


Neeta Pedersen

Artist Neeta Pedersen expresses herself in many media – including paintings, sculptures, illustration and animation. Her work ranges from the highly decorative and romantic to the stark and the explicit and her unique style has gained her an international reputation.

Neeta Pedersen

She is also an accomplished graphic designer and website builder and has an online shop selling bags, purses and scarves decorated with her stylish artwork.

Neeta Pedersen, designer bag

In February 2020 she became the owner and director of the Star Brewery Gallery in Lewes and has succeeded in staging a wide variety of successful exhibitions by local artists in spite of the covid pandemic.

Neeta’s remarkable real-life experiences have had a big effect on her artistic career. She was born in Mumbai, adopted by a Danish couple at the age of six months and grew up in Aarhus in Denmark. Leaving home at 17, she travelled to Israel followed by India and Nepal for six months. She subsequently visited many European countries and lived, worked and studied in Boston and New York, where, in the late 1990s, she enrolled in the Total Immersion Intensive Workshop at the New York Film Academy.

In 2005, she gained a BA (Hons) in Animation from the University of Westminster in London. Her graduation film ‘Disharmonious Coincidence’ was subsequently screened at film festivals in London, Italy, Japan, France and Romania and was selected by British Council to be included in their British Films Directory.

She is currently working on an illustrated children’s book set in a fantastical world of her imagination.
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Neeta Pedersen

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