Melting Vinyl presents: Chrystabell & The Weather Station


The Weather Station

two of the many great gigs brought to the area by Melting Vinyl.

There are two similar (but different) performers arriving in Brighton early 2022.
Both are singer/songwriters while also concurrently having another life as an actress. Needless to say therefore, they bring more than a few songs with them. They also bring their unique musical style, captivating vocals and stand-out visual performances.

The Weather Station will be at Komedia, Brighton on 15th March.

The Weather Station is the musical project of Canadian singer/songwriter and actress Tamara Lindeman.
The band’s 2021 album ‘Ignorance’ has ten tracks recorded with two percussionists, a saxophonist and a flautist, plus bass, keys, and guitar. Tamara wrote and produced all the songs, the album’s theme being based on her contemplation of the global climate crisis. She has said “It’s about this process of moving through denial into understanding”.

Tamara Lindeman, The Weather Station

Tamara’s music has evolved over the last thirteen years. Starting out as an introspective Folky, she has since added rock and jazz influences, giving her songs more depth and scope and becoming impossible to pigeonhole.

Supporting Tamara’s band is Ami Dang, a South Asian-American, Sikh composer, music producer, vocalist and sitarist from Baltimore.

Chrystabell was due to appear at Komedia, Brighton on 9th February, but sadly has had to postpone her tour until later. Head over to for more details.

American singer, songwriter, model, and actress Chrystabell, who besides owning an ethereal voice and creating spellbinding songs, is also known for her musical collaborations with film maker David Lynch, appearing in his ‘Twin Peaks: The Return’ in 2017.


Her fifth studio album, Midnight Star, has guitars and drums replaced by synths, marking a fascinating shift in her creative vision. Expect a Kate Bush-ish voice and a performance that is a touch unearthly, along with some special guests.

Visit for more information on these and other gigs coming up.

pictured at top: Chrystabell

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