Lorraine Gibby, jewellery designer


Lorraine Gibby, jewellery designer

There have been times over the last twenty months when even selecting and giving a nice birthday card has been a challenge! After the disappointment of last Christmas it has become apparent to many of us just how important our rituals and celebrations are, especially in terms of coming together with family and friends. The exchange of thoughtful gifts to show our love and appreciation is a large part of that. Whilst thankful for internet shopping for seeing us through, there is nothing to compare with browsing a selection of beautiful potential gifts and choosing from what we can see, touch, try and experience first hand.

Time to choose ‘out of the ordinary’!

Lorraine Gibby, Amethyst Necklace

Jewellery is particularly personal. If you’d like to gift something extraordinary, I can help. My jewellery collection is thoughtfully designed and eclectic in style. Every piece is unique. Colour is key, and my range includes hand printed aluminium, a range of precious metals, and gemstones chosen for their character and hue. If you like my style, we could talk about a commission or remodelling old jewellery. I have twenty-five years of expertise to share!

Lorraine Gibby, Sapphire Ring

As a member of the prestigious Sussex Guild, you can find my work at their gallery in Lewes, or at one of many weekend exhibitions. Follow me on Instagram to see new work as it emerges @LorraineGibbyinspiredjewellery.

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