Learn to Paint Fine Art Portraiture


Learn to Paint
Fine Art Portraiture

A specialist course focussing on old master methods and materials

This eight week tutored course is an introduction to painting in oil on canvas using principles derived from traditional working practice. Students will learn how to stretch and prepare a linen canvas and then complete a finished portrait from the model using the best hand-made paint and materials.

Martin Wells – Aimee underpainting

The portrait starts as an underpainting which is built up with a series of glazes. When the tones are established, a palette of warm and cool fleshtones is mixed to develop the shadows, lights and halftones. The underpainting provides depth and naturalism from within.

Martin Wells – Aimee, finished portrait

The course fee is £250.
For more details including dates, times, venue and a full list of the required materials please email info@mwportraits.com

Martin Wells – Patrick, underpainting

Martin Wells – Patrick, finished portrait

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