Karin Moorhouse


Karin Moorhouse

taking part in Arundel Gallery Trail with Piers Ottey

Summer 2021 already and what a great deal has changed since the now seemingly halcyon days of 2019…. but then again how much has improved since this time last year. This year there will be gallery trails and art shows once again albeit with faces covered and visitors and venues much restricted, and still for me the Arundel Gallery Trail is number one. Even before I moved to the town and long before I myself exhibited I was a regular attendee of this particular trail. For me the USP is the location… we’ve got our own castle for goodness sake and a plethora of places to wet your whistle ranging from fine dining to that quick cuppa mid trail.

Karin Moorhouse, Primulas in old terracotta pot

This year, though much reduced in size, the 2021 Arundel Gallery Trail will not disappoint in quality and venue throughout and I am looking forward very much to showing my new collection of paintings created over the last 18 months, so many of which lean towards my lockdown environment and experience. I was lucky; I spent a great deal of time in my garden and my work reflects my love of the place I was immersed in. Fascinated as I am by light and the shadows it plays with, my Lockdown garden was full of material.

Karin Moorhouse, Memories

However for the first time I will not be showing at my home. Instead I am proud to be welcoming everyone to my new abode at The Mill Studio, Ford Lane, Arundel, alongside Piers Ottey whose work needs no introduction to visitors of this trail. He and I are having our Open Studios throughout the trail and will be open for nearly all of August.

Piers Ottey, Alpine Run

Piers has always shown at his Mill Studios and since stopping teaching in September 2019 to concentrate on painting, his love for the Sussex landscape, his dog Audrey, his vintage motorbikes and anything else that intrigues him make for an impressive and varied collection as always. His colours sing and dance around and he is playful with both subject and scale.

Piers Ottey, Bexley Hill, Lickfold

We look forward to seeing you!

Contact us at office@themillstudio.com For more details or for updates follow us on Instagram: @karin_moorhouse_art and @piersottey.

pictured at top: Karin Moorhouse, In the Garden

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