Karin Moorhouse – Arundel Gallery Trail


Karin Moorhouse – Arundel Gallery Trail

Karin Moorhouse, In Safe Hands

Mention the word Gallery Trail to this artist and depending on the time of year you will either get an enthusiastic whoop of joy or…. a long drawn out groan and a vow to ‘never do that again’!

Perhaps my feelings are shared by the many wonderful artists who exhibit each year at the Arundel Gallery Trail – perhaps not, but for me it has been a corner stone of my year for a long time now; a wonderful opportunity to meet other artists and to greet visitors, buyers and browsers alike; to catch up with people I maybe haven’t seen for a year and at the end of the show it is a wonderful feeling to close the door, head down to the river and watch the fireworks light up the sky for what feels like the last night of summer.

I exhibit each August in my home along with a couple of other invited artists. Our work complements and contrasts with each other’s and hopefully gives a tempting and exciting visual experience to everyone who visits. Arundel Gallery Trail in my opinion is the best! By that I mean that I think it offers so many varieties of entertainment. There is street music, theatre, talks, open air dining and over 50 venues to see art and all without having to use your car or any other means of transport. Our Gallery Trail is small and self-contained and we punch way above our weight. This year we are celebrating 30 successful years so please join us and celebrate with us, you will be most welcomed even though we will all be pretty tired by the end of it!


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