Genghis Kant by Stephen Cook


Genghis Kant_loGenghis Kant

by Stephen Cook

In a story that could easily have been the result of a late night carousing session between Terry Pratchett and Douglas Adams, Sussex author Stephen Cook introduces the most unlikely rock’n’roll superstar this planet has ever produced. Following a lucky break our eponymous songster, Ghengis Kant, inventor and proponent of the aptly named musical genre ‘suicide rock’ and his motley band, Caligula’s Pants, three times voted ‘Worst Band in History’, suddenly find they have billions of fans who look upon them as something akin to musical gods and the band’s career trajectory takes a surprisingly steep upward turn – you could say they were in alien territory.

Asked to perform as the star attraction at a major arts festival and offered lots and lots of money, the band and their long-suffering manager jump at the chance to fulfil their destiny at last.

But some things are just too good to be true and there is a bit of a catch. Actually, one hell of a catch…

Humorous, irreverent, and written with the insight and acute observation of human behaviour usually associated with great comedy writers, Genghis Kant will have you laughing out loud. I was chortling by page 5 (and that’s just the preface).

Steve Cook is a native of East Grinstead but is now living in exile in Lingfield, Surrey. He is the author of several works of fiction and non fiction. He also writes for The Liberty Beacon ( and writes and publishes the online satirical newspaper The Daily Scare ( Genghis Kant is available in paperback or as an ebook and can be obtained through

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