IMG_7606_loGalleryMuse is an independent contemporary art gallery currently located in the market town of Petersfield, Hampshire.

The gallery opened in December 2012 and during its first year it held nine exhibitions, including an end of 2013 show ‘OneYear’, a retrospective of this first year.

The gallery shows artists whose expression and commitment to art is primary. Artists engaged in the language of art that is an imperative part of our cultural heritage. Britain has become one of the most exciting art centres of the world, and the artists who work within its coastal borders are influenced by ideas from past and their present environment. The land surrounding GalleryMuse is in fact reflected by many of the artists shown during the year.

The gallery engages with artists who express all aspects of the soul in their observation of being human. The dark side, as well as the light. As a result not all art works are within a realm that is necessarily clear or is of immediate sense to the viewer. Indeed some of the work is challenging and may evoke a range of emotions. The gallery holds regular talks around the shows and hosts artists in conversation with each other.

GalleryMuse invites people to come and discern for themselves. The art works are for sale, yet collectors of art are not the only ones to appreciate the work, so the gallery welcomes as many viewers as possible.

Shown in 2013 were: Virginia Arendt; fine art Photoshop-enhanced photographs of the trees of Sussex and Hampshire. Toby Mulligan; painted landscapes of Froxfield, and an exploration in paint and monotype print of a relationship secluded in a room. Mary Herdman; inner landscapes and figurative drawings from life classes and memories of the body. Katy Vetch; use of photography to collage plays with our perceptions. Bill Pullen; paint and photography collages from parts of his garden, films and travels through Italy. Juliet Larken; shamanic exploration of her ancestors. David Spencer Stoves; fine art acrylic paintings of wild flowers strewn across slabs of wood. Marcus Tomlinson; painterly photographs and stone carved sculpture. Emma Hartley; abstract paintings in response to her walks across the South Downs. Isabelle Bricknall; use of acetate to reveal the mystery of the mermaid.

This has been a wonderful first year for the gallery and to have had such a positive and welcoming reception is very encouraging.

GalleryMuse is open three days a week, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays. The rest of the week works can be shown by appointment, and questions can be directed to

For the first show of 2014 GalleryMuse will open Saturday 8th February at 11am with Mike Walker, lecturer from Chichester University. The gallery will show his latest series of multi media mono prints.

For information of the 2014 exhibitions, gallery talks and further news, watch for updates on the website

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