Gallery BN5


Gallery BN5 

Bringing Creative Christmas Ideas to Henfield

We believe that it really doesn’t matter how much or how little you spend on a present, it is the giving of a gift that will light up the person’s face when they open what you have chosen with care. It is not to receive one back, or to receive something that didn’t cost the same as your purchase, it simply does not matter. The feeling of receiving that gift that someone has chosen for you and taken time out of their busy day to think about what you would like, what would please, what would cheer you, is always to be cherished.

Nina Smith, dichroic glass pendant

At Gallery BN5 there is such a variety of gifts to choose from at very reasonable prices. Many of our customers come in because they have not been able to find anything in the main towns, and our village Gallery seems to have just what they are after. They then return because they have seen something unique that will be ideal for someone else.

Alison Crowe, silver bangles

Visit for fabulous gift ideas.

Irma Westerdijk, sculpture with found and recycled objects

Esther Newnham Brown, Violet Floral, acrylic on wood

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