Four Below Stairs


Four Below Stairs

at Brighton Artists’ Open Houses showcases a great diversity of artwork

This exhibition brings together four artists with very different practices, at a unique venue at 10 Brunswick Square in Hove. The space is an ungentrified basement, with original 19th century features. A piece of living history, it is redolent of the servants’ area during the late Georgian and early Victorian period.

The show embraces the work of three mark-makers who studied together to gained their MA qualification at Brighton University. The fourth, Mark Wilson, has an established reputation in Sussex as a painter of landscapes and seascapes.

Wilson paints very much as a storyteller working to communicate the restlessness he feels within a scene as a continuously shifting intensity of sound and movement. He invites the viewer to hear and feel as well as see so that what they experience is more like a narrative, something almost filmic.
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Mark Wilson, ‘October’

Hilary Kennett’s work observes the spaces we inhabit and ‘the everyday’ that happens inside them. For this exhibition, she is creating site specific installations in response to the history and memories imbued within the basement at no. 10. Expect to see light and sound installations in the wine cellar and meat press, together with some screenprints.
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Hilary Kennett, ‘Blahblah’

Sharon Fraser Hall’s practice begins with the physical, push and pull of applying paint to canvas. As much material is removed as is added. Meaning fluctuates as the work progresses, as memories and associations bubble to the surface and are embraced or dismissed. Further layers of interpretation and understanding will become apparent when the objects are installed. Sharon says “This space is evocative of many lives lived and I’m curious to see how that context will impact the work”.
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Sharon Fraser-Hall, ‘Four’

Fleur Cowgill’s inspiration is rooted in natural forms delicately balanced against poetic or philosophical thoughts and notions. Cowgill doesn’t try to ‘illustrate’ her thoughts, but rather ‘evoke’ something of her inspirations in her artworks – with paint on canvas, film on Perspex or pastel on tracing paper.
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Fleur Cowgill, ‘Blue perspex’

The exhibition runs as part of Brighton Artists’ Open House Festival for two weekends of 5th and 6th of June and 12th and 13th of June, 11am – 6pm, at 10 Brunswick Square, Hove, BN3 1EG. Visit for further information.

Four Below Stairs

pictured left to right: Sharon Fraser Hall, Fleur Cowgill, Hilary Kennett, Mark Wilson

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