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Esther Newnham Brown

Behind the scenes with Sussex artist Esther Newnham Brown. 

I work in my studio in the garden of our house in Rusper producing paintings of various sizes, subjects and styles, and in my book there are no rules. You have to enjoy what you do and you must have fun with your brushes and paints, which I hope radiates from my work. I work on ideas that pop into my head at any one time, I have no particular style, but at the end of the day if people like what they see and buy it then life is happy!

Esther Newnham Brown, Low Sun


I work mainly in acrylics and oils and occasional watercolours. Pictures are started, placed to one side when boredom kicks in with it, when I get stuck on how to proceed, before making an absolute mess of it and marching it down to the bonfire – which has happened, only to be stopped by my husband who kindly points out tomorrow is another day with it. But at the moment, there is a stack of approximately seven to eight half finished canvases awaiting brushes and paint!

Esther Newnham Brown, Snowdrops

But on a serious note, I have always painted from an early age, encouraged by my grandfather and father who was an artist, as was my great grandfather, so art runs very strongly in the family. Most of my work can be seen at Gallery BN5 in Henfield which I run with Nina Smith who is a fused glass artist. As a member of Horsham Artists my work can also be viewed on their website, Artists and Illustrators website and Gallery BN5 website. Email for enquiries.

Esther Newnham Brown, Winter to Spring

pictured at top: Esther Newnham Brown, Battersea Sunset (detail)

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