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Johannes von Stumm

Escape Arts Centre, Old Fire Station, Castle Street, Tonbridge, TN9 1BH
Open from the 11th October to 28th November.

Johannes von Stumm, ‘My Absent Friend’ 22x 20 x 10 cm, stainless steel

The Escape Arts Centre is pleased to be exhibiting the work of sculptor Johannes von Stumm PPRSS as its major Autumn Exhibition. More than twenty works will be on show by the internationally renowned sculptor.

In the exhibition at The Escape Art Centre in Tonbridge he exhibits his ‘Immaterial Figures’ developed in the last seventeen years.

Johannes von Stumm, ‘Infinity’ 25 x 16 x 16 cm, aluminium

Johannes von Stumm¹s unique combination of different materials has attracted public and critical acclaim in two decades of successful exhibitions in Britain, on the European continent, in Asia and America. His startlingly original sculpture, which engages continually with risk and a defiance of accepted laws, joins steel, granite and glass to create abstract or reduced figurative works in which apparently conflicting materials exist in complex harmony.

Johannes von Stumm, ‘Kouros’ 25 x 10 x 8 cm, bronze

In thirty years of combining metal with glass and stone, von Stumm has expanded the boundaries of expression by fusing the strong and the fragile, the solid and the liquid, the dark and the transparent.

Not being technically able to shape a human figure out of one piece of glass he replaced the glass with space. Space incorporates light and darkness in the same way.

Johannes von Stumm, Emptiness – Fullness

His ‘Immaterial Figures’ represent an embodiment of purity. Light and darkness stream through space. It is the purity of both, not in the subjective and limiting sense of morality, but as a freedom of spirit which transcends vanity and cynicism and other such obstacles to human aspiration. Here, light could be read literally as enlightenment and darkness as the embrace of the universe.

Johannes von Stumm, ‘Welcome Figure’ 280 x 240 x 120 cm, stainless and mild steel

Johannes von Stumm in ‘Welcome Figure’ 280 x 240 x 120 cm, stainless and mild steel

Visit and for further information about the exhibition.

pictured at top: Welcome, Contrast, Sunset (detail)

Emptiness-Fullness and My Absent Friend photos by Michael Dunning





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