emotive: 13 artists = 13 stories 


emotive: 13 artists = 13 stories 

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The Emotive exhibition spans two floors of the grade 1 listed Regency Town House in Brunswick Square, Hove and runs from 8th to 13th February 2022.

It shows the work of thirteen artists: eight graduates and five second year students from the University of Brighton. Studying towards an MA in Sequential Design and Illustration they reached an understanding that although their individual project themes varied, the depth of research and an exploration of their deep inner feelings linked them together as a group.

The stories told are embedded with personal experiences, but they also share a universal narrative, inviting their audience to become involved, to participate, to become EMOTIVE. The work reflects both their individual skills as illustrators, designers, animators and writers and the multiplicity of the their cultural backgrounds.

Jo Pinto, A Loackers Tale

The artists have experimented with media, techniques and formats which challenge their usual working methods and this shift in their working practice has led to them finding new ways to communicate their stories. This visually diverse exhibition of multidisciplinary work is the result of their inquiry.

Shown here is the work of two of the contributing artists: Jo Pinto and Julia Kwinto.
Jo Pinto is a Portuguese illustrator and animator based in Brighton. She has written and illustrated a children’s picture book to pose the universal question: how many times have we found ourselves facing a massive problem when the solution was right before our eyes? Her story encourages children and adults alike to nurture their lateral thinking and to communicate with one another.

Julia Kwinto, The Carp

Julia Kwinto grew up in communist Poland and has since worked as a graphic designer in the USA and London. Her series of paintings bring alive childhood memories and their associated trauma, serving as illustrations to the accompanying text of her handmade book entitled ‘Patterns of Memory’. The project addresses the universal issues of personal and inherited trauma and its effects on our mental health.

During the week of the exhibition the artists will be inviting the public to join them in related workshops.
The Regency Town House, 13 Brunswick Square, Brighton BN3 1EH, from 8th to 13th February.

pictured at top: Julia Kwinto, The Carp (detail)

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