Debbie Smith, jewellery designer


Debbie Smith, Jewellery Designer

Debbie presents a new range of individually designed jewellery with a special message.

“I’m always being asked to make something special for someone, and as each such piece I create is individual – a personal gift to someone to celebrate a milestone, an achievement, or a thank you or just simply saying something – I came up with the idea of launching a new range called ‘Just saying…’ and that’s exactly what these silver pieces are about!

I’ve just been asked to make a silver pendant for a marriage proposal: ‘Will you marry me?’ and featured in the above photo ‘Just saying…’ are two pendants featuring the messages: “in a world where you can be anyone, be kind” and simply “I love you”.

All these pieces are individual and the chosen words are stamped onto the silver by hand. Please contact me for prices and more details.”
Instagram: @thejewellery.workshop
Tel: 07775 884990

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