Celluloid Ceiling


Celluloid Ceiling – women film directors breaking through

Edited by Gabrielle Kelly and Cheryl Robson

Review by Maxine Dye

The theme of this book is film directing from a female perspective, the title Celluloid Ceiling, the film industry equivalent to the ‘Glass Ceiling’ the term used to describe promotional issues faced by women in business and other professions. The book is a series of essays covering film genres, the history of female film makers, exploring the factors that helped them as well as those that hampered progress. The contributors are academics, film fans, journalists and film makers.

The book takes the reader on a regional journey around the world, each chapter focussing on the prominent female directors, the work they undertake and the challenges they face. It highlights examples of inequality between male and female directors throughout the world and how this is expressed on a number of levels from censorship, controlling distribution to funding.

An interesting read particularly for those under-taking gender-based studies in this field.

C 2014 Supernova books ISBN: 978-0-956632-90-6

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