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We bumped into Nick and Mary Povey by accident really. We drove past their delightfully rustic premises at Cookhams Dairy in Sharpthorne, the home of their Pheasant Framing business, then reversed and decided to pop in and see if they would be an outlet for the magazine. We were made to feel very welcome and spent a splendid half hour hearing about their framing and art print restoration work and viewing their slightly bohemian gallery.

We also learned from Nick about Art Print Hub – a new business launch, driven by the needs of the existing customers of Pheasant Framing and another well-established local business. Art Print Hub couples Nick’s many years of experience printing for a self-publishing artist and running a successful picture framing business with his business partner’s considerable knowledge in the supply of fine art and photographic paper together with his world class expertise in digital colour management.

Art Print Hub pride themselves on having the experience and expertise to offer excellent advice and have access to the largest range of papers in the UK. The business has also invested in the very best equipment. They have the latest wide format printers using 12 inks offering fantastic colour reproduction and archival quality measured in excess of 120 years. To ensure the best possible colour match, self-calibrating Eizo monitors are used together with all of the equipment and expertise from the existing digital colour management business.

One of the areas that is vital to the production of superb prints is the creation of the best possible digital source. Art Print Hub have a photographic studio and specialist cameras, lenses and lighting to ensure the best possible results. Interestingly, their fanaticism for reproducing colour perfectly will often lead them to take art work outside into the natural light on the edge of the Ashdown Forest.

Art Print Hub have all of the services that a successful publishing artist or photographer may need, but they also cater for the person who has a one-off printing need. Recently they had an undertaking to select, enhance, crop and print holiday photos which were then arranged into an album. Another example was a semi-professional photographer who had 600 or so shots of an event who brought in his disc and asked for 30 or 40 of the best to be chosen, cropped, enhanced and prepared for him.

The new business is also unique in that they are not only offering all of the benefits of a first class fine art printing service, but also offering artists and photographers the chance to add their work to Art Print Hub’s online ordering system. When a sale is made Art Print Hub will receive the order, make the print, mount and frame it (if required) and send it to the customer. The artist doesn’t have to do any of the work, they will receive the full sale price of their work less the printing cost. There is no commission, and because Art Print Hub is providing the ordering system as a service to the artist, and it is the artist’s details on the invoice to the end customer, VAT doesn’t have to be charged – unless the artist becomes so successful that they have to register for VAT!

Visit Art Print Hub online at to discover how they can help.

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